The e-Commerce Effect on Campus Mailrooms

DECEMBER 18, 2017 As e-commerce continues to grow, so does the sheer volume of packages being delivered to customers. This is especially true for colleges and universities, where the exponential increase in packages has most mailrooms struggling keeping up, leading to a grumbling student population. Then there’s the burden of notification and pick up procedures. […]

Recap of the 6th Annual Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum

My name is Josh Rees. I’m Bell and Howell’s new Marketing Programs Manager. Until recently, I knew very little about the pharmaceutical industry and the impending 2023 DSCSA deadline. I had no idea about the challenges the industry is facing to ensure regulation compliance. However, I come from a small community in Ohio that has […]

Explosion of Automated Self-service Solutions Attributed to Click-and-Collect Growth

BY BELL AND HOWELL / NOVEMBER 29, 2017 The world’s leading retailers continue setting themselves apart from their e-retail competition by utilizing their physical stores as micro-distribution centers for the buy online, pick up in store experience. Research suggested that 76 percent of online shoppers will be using click-and-collect services in 2017. That number only […]

Utilizing Vision-Guided Vehicles for Improving Efficiency and Productivity

BY BELL AND HOWELL / NOVEMBER 14, 2017 The use of vision-guided vehicles (VGVs) continues to rise with many manufacturing companies gravitating towards the use of this technology to improve efficiency and productivity. However, the problem that these companies often encounter is manually adjusting algorithms to adapt to changing environments or operations. But what if […]

Effectively Utilizing Omnichannel Communication

BY BELL AND HOWELL / OCTOBER 30, 2017 Omnichannel communication at its core has always been about providing the customer with a seamless experience — informing and guiding consumer behavior through the entire business lifecycle. But for it to be successful, there must be true integration between the channels to operate efficiently on a business’ […]

Walmart Adds to its e-Commerce Family

BY BELL AND HOWELL / OCTOBER 05, 2017 By leveraging its fleet of trucks to deliver products directly to its stores, Walmart is already garnering success for minimizing last mile delivery costs, while passing on the savings to its consumers. In fact, utilizing the “Click-and-Collect” model has helped the retailer set itself apart from others, […]

Human Element Still Key to e-Commerce

BY BELL AND HOWELL / SEPTEMBER 27, 2017 Retail has always been about people buying products from other people. However, how that’s happening is changing. With more than 8,700 brick-and-mortar stores closing in 2017, retailers are not sitting around debating how quickly e-commerce has taken over consumers’ preferences. Instead, they are discussing where e-commerce is […]

Enhancing the Room Service Experience

BY BELL AND HOWELL / AUGUST 31, 2017 From free nights to in-room massages and personal chefs, hotels are offering plenty of perks and amenities to drive customer loyalty. However, these benefits are often available only to select clientele. But features and experiences that all guests can enjoy during their hotel stay can also improve […]

The Movement Toward Pharmaceutical Track and Trace

BY BELL AND HOWELL / AUGUST 30, 2017 By now, the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) is familiar to all U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturers. The regulation is a huge challenge to the industry that requires alterations to their existing production lines and management of vast amounts of new data. Through the year 2023, there is […]

Vote By Mail Numbers Continue Growth

BY BELL AND HOWELL / AUGUST 22, 2017 Every day, more and more voters in the U.S. are participating in elections via vote by mail. In fact, in states such as California, more than 60 percent voted by mail in 2014, according to the state secretary’s website. And that number is growing across the country. […]