Automating Farm to Table Delivery

Provide safe and convenient pickup options to your customers with our temperature-controlled food lockers. Finally offer 24/7 order pickup from anywhere you choose and revolutionize the way you distribute your local, farm-fresh goods to the community.



Install Anywhere

Since our temperature-controlled lockers can be placed indoors or outdoors, you can install the unit on your farm or anywhere in the community. All you need is electricity and a flat, solid surface to operate your refrigerated locker.

Maximum Flexibility

Keep foods fresh by controlling the temperatures of your lockers on-demand. Plus, with different options, you can customize the configuration to meet your customers’ changing needs.

Easy to Operate

Installed and operational in one day, our refrigerated lockers come complete with our “Farmers” software package. With remote access and easy-to-use features, you can start using your lockers right away.

Expand Your Reach

With the option to place your lockers anywhere, you can expand your reach beyond your farm. Place the locker in nearby cities or towns and allow more people to enjoy your goods. Additionally, rest assured that QuickCollect™ solutions can scale and expand with your business to meet growing demand.


You don’t need to be the sole owner of your refrigerated locker. Instead, share it with other local farmers or producers to benefit more people in your community. It’s easy to accommodate multiple small businesses with our food lockers.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Our temperature-controlled lockers make life easier for your customers by providing farm-fresh goods when and where it’s convenient for them. Our system notifies them when their order is ready, and they simply scan their code and retrieve it from the locker.

Our Automated Food Lockers for Farmers

Our temperature-controlled food lockers offer flexible configurations, contactless pickup, and 24/7 operation to help streamline and simplify the farm to table journey. Don’t let limited staff or facilities restrict your reach in the community.
BH QuickCollect™ GL Refrigerated Grocery Locker
BH QuickCollect™ GL is a smart grocery locker system that enables grocers to remotely configure column temperatures by degrees. Deliver entire grocery orders in one solution, from heated to frozen and...



Turn-Key Installation and Service Solutions

We aren’t just an equipment company, we partner with retailers and deliver turn-key installation, software integration, and ongoing remote monitoring and maintenance support for our solutions. We understand the critical nature of implementing a new customer touchpoint and are committed to delivering a best-in-class customer experience.



Adapt, or Become a Statistic


Yes. Get fresh products to the people faster when and where it is convenient for them.

Yes. Our systems can be set up to enable multiple farmers to leverage the same locker bank independently.

Yes. BH QuickCollect™ Solutions allow consumers to pickup any time (27/4). By placing these in remote locations, you can expand the number of consumers who can conveniently pickup your products.

Yes, our automated grocery pickup solutions enable grocers to expand hours, add capacity, and help more consumers – all with less labor.

Yes. Our automated pickup solutions are temperature-controlled and monitored by our 24/7 service center to ensure products are kept at the right temperature.

Yes. All of our solutions are safe and secure. Each consumer is provided with a personalized pickup code, to ensure that they are the only people to access their orders.

Ready to Simplify Your Automated Pickup?

Talk to us about your automated pickup needs and we'll determine the best smart locker or kiosk solution to support your organization.