Expand Your Service Coverage with Maintenance Outsourcing

Need ongoing maintenance for your industrial equipment or white label maintenance services? We’ve got you covered. We’re raising the bar on maintenance outsourcing with our award-winning servicing model.


Scale, Skills, and Service Excellence
We’re a notch above the rest for a reason.

Wherever You Are, We’re There Too

Get outsourced maintenance services where and when you need them. With more than 800 technicians and 400 part-stocking locations across the nation, we’re here for you 24/7/365.

Technicians Who've Proven their Worth

Not just anyone can become a Bell and Howell technician. Our people are highly trained and tenured, bringing deep industry knowledge to the job to resolve your issues the first time around.

Maximize Machine Uptime

Our next-generation remote monitoring and repair capabilities paired with our 800+ North American service engineers enable us to respond in 4 hours or less 24/7/365.

Who Bell and Howell Can Most Impact

Our service solutions cater to startups seeking coverage for growth, companies with large install bases needing maintenance, refurbishment or other services, and organizations struggling with underperforming support systems that negatively impact customer satisfaction and growth potential.

Bell and Howell has the expertise and experience to tackle your most complex service challenges, with nationwide technicians dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and maximize operational efficiencies.

The Unrivaled Benefits of Our Maintenance Outsourcing Services

Time-Tested Industrial Equipment Expertise

Since our founding, we’ve serviced a wide range of complex industrial equipment. Today, we provide outsourced maintenance for over 50 leading machine brands and offer service on behalf of 20+ different OEMs. Our expansive equipment knowledge makes us a destination for the nation’s top engineers and technicians. Only 30% of prospective employees meet our rigorous hiring standards.

A Call Center Done Right

Our call center is open 24/7/365, so customers always get an immediate answer from a live representative. We don’t make you wait for solutions, either. If you don’t receive a resolution from our call center within four hours, we escalate our service calls to senior executives. When you need a technician onsite, you can expect one there within four hours.

OEM Onboarding in a Flash

In less than 90 days, our onboarding specialists will have your unique service maintenance plans fulling integrated into our service infrastructure. This process includes technician hiring and training plus explicit documentation. We set the standards with our training staff and processes, earning us a spot in Training Magazine’s Top 125 training organizations list for 17 consecutive years and counting.

Remote Monitoring, Reporting, and Repairs

With our in-house remote monitoring center, we can monitor and repair your equipment without sending a technician to your location. Our remote solutions offer real-time visibility and control, resulting in 60% shorter field calls and enabling better service at lower costs. Coupled with our developed predictive analytics, we are positioned to prevent future product breakdowns and repairs.

Maximize Production and Streamline Workflows

We don’t only service equipment. We also manage complex projects and make production optimization recommendations. Our customer service engineers (CSEs) are more than technicians, they’re partners who help improve your workflow and scale your machinery. Using proper planning, collaboration, and real-time data insights, our CSEs work with you to optimize your processes.

A Hierarchy of Knowledge

Never worry about being assigned an unqualified technician again. We dispatch our maintenance technicians based on a hierarchy of skills and knowledge, and only fully-trained customer service engineers are allowed in the field. Additionally, we have technical service engineers on standby at our headquarters to assist CSEs with more complex issues.



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