Hands-On Training From Industry Experts

Our product training can’t be beat. Our time-tested techniques have consistently secured our spot in Training magazine’s “Top 100” lists. Delivering over 20,000 hours of hands-on product training annually through a mix of standard courses and customized programs, we have a training program that’s right for you. Our Bell and Howell facility includes 32,000 sq. ft of dedicated training space for our products and that of our OEMs to deliver training to our service technicians. A blend of virtual and hands-on training prepares our technicians to repair equipment in the shortest time possible and fix it the first time.


Subscriptions: Cost-Effective Training Options for Learning On Your Schedule

Our subscription-based training option enables operators, engineers, and maintenance staff to become efficient with our equipment when it’s convenient for them and you.

An Expansive Video and Document Library

Access a rich knowledge base created by our acclaimed instructors. With our subscription-based training option, you gain entry to a secure training platform full of courses, documents, and videos to walk through the ins and outs of our equipment


This option is ideal for budget-conscious companies looking for a cost-effective way to train their technicians. The subscription provides a reference whenever you need a refresher, making it easy to immediately resolve training-related issues.  

Pay-Per-Use: Optimize Your Equipment and Workflows with Top Training

Our hands-on, onsite training programs have landed us in the top 100 list of training organizations in Training Magazine for over 17 consecutive years. We will come to you, educate your team, and prepare them to operate your Bell and Howell equipment.

Training Options for the Entire Team

Operator Training

Optimize operator productivity through our enriched training programs.

Technical Training

Our highly-skilled specialists work side-by-side with your technicians, so they’re prepared for whatever comes their way.

Train-the-Trainer Courses

Our train-the-trainer courses cultivate Bell and Howell equipment champions to economically onboard the rest of your team.

Coverage Throughout the US and Canada

Our service engineers are within 4 hours of your location to keep your business humming at all times.

Ready to Unlock Turn-Key Industrial Equipment Services?

Level up your equipment performance and lifespan with an experienced service partner.