Be Part of the Retail Revolution with Automated Pickup

From installation to machine maintenance, we help you meet customer demand with our automatic kiosks and smart lockers. Quickly provide prescriptions, groceries, and goods on-demand 24/7 without hiring extra staff. With our line of automated pickup solutions and maintenance packages, you can keep your customers happy and your costs low.


We don’t just provide the equipment. We’re proud of our comprehensive ongoing service promise.

Leading the Industry in Service

We aren’t exaggerating when we say that our technicians are highly trained and tenured. Just 30% of applicants to our technician roles pass our rigorous exam.

Insight Without Leaving the Office

With our remote monitoring and repair services, we can identify issues with retail automated pickup equipment remotely to facilitate repairs, even in distant locations.

Everywhere You Need Us

Whether you have one retail location or dozens, our 800 nationwide technicians and 400 part-stocking locations across the U.S. and Canada make service and parts acquisition painless.


Deliver More Than Customers Expect

Provide a frictionless pickup experience for your customers with our innovative equipment and reliable maintenance plans. Minimize wait time and boost customer loyalty while reducing labor costs. With our lockers and kiosks, you can expand your markets and provide maximum flexibility to your customers without ever worrying about how you’ll handle equipment malfunctions.

Tailored Maintenance Plans

Routine maintenance is the key to equipment longevity, especially when it’s available for public use, and we have the plans and technicians to extend your retail equipment’s lifespan. Choose from same-day service, preventive and routine service plans, or a specialized maintenance plan designed to meet your specific goals and budget.

Automated Predictive Maintenance

Our remote monitoring and repair solutions allow us to set data points, time intervals, and other metrics to monitor your equipment. This advanced machine learning approach automatically and continuously collects data from your equipment to predict when maintenance is required. Our proactive technicians can then perform the necessary maintenance tasks with minimal oversight on your part.

Smart Lockers and Kiosks

Extend your customer service without exhausting your resources with our top-of-the-line smart lockers and kiosks. From temperature-controlled smart lockers to fully robotic kiosks, our range of automated delivery terminals help you meet customer demands 24/7 without additional labor costs.

Expert Service for a Wide Range of Retail Equipment

Our service expertise extends to robotic equipment of all types including, but not limited to:
  • Package lockers
  • Customer service robots
  • Warehouse robots


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