Improve Patient Experience with Pharmacy Lockers and Kiosks

Reduce patient wait time and expand pickup hours with our pharmacy lockers and kiosks. Patients enjoy a convenient and secure prescription pickup option while increasing prescription security and pharmacist safety. Our QuickCollect™ RX pharmacy kiosk system automates the prescription storage and pickup process with its multi-portal design, allowing simultaneous pickups and reducing staff workload.


Reduce Wait Time

Eliminate long wait times and patient frustration. Our automated prescription kiosks feature multiple portals, enabling several patients to pick up prescriptions simultaneously. This means faster-moving lines and more satisfied patients and pharmacists.

Expand Pickup Hours

Give your patients access to the medications they need when they need them, even when the pharmacy is closed. The QuickCollect™ RX pharmacy kiosk system runs automatically and securely, allowing you to expand your pharmacy pickup hours to better service your patients.

Reduce Pharmacy Workload

With an automated prescription kiosk, pharmacists and technicians have more time to focus on patient wellness. Our pharmacy lockers allow you to automate the busy work and focus on revenue-generating activities, with no added bagging and tagging.

Service Partnership

Our solutions extend beyond the initial purchase and set up. When you partner with Bell and Howell, one year of support is included with all our pharmacy lockers. Our nationwide technicians and remote monitoring and servicing deliver ongoing support.

Reduce Errors

Eliminate the human error factor. Our automated pharmacy kiosk system delivers the correct medication to the correct patient every time through various security measures, including barcode scanning and automated patient verification.

Remote Servicing Options

Remote 24/7 monitoring enables our skilled technicians to perform preventive maintenance, diagnose performance anomalies, and service most issues remotely.

Pharmacy Kiosks and Lockers

We’re proud to offer the industry’s first multi-user automated pharmacy kiosk system. This self-service kiosk automates prescription pickup, provides 24/7 accessibility, and reduces wait times.
QuickCollect Rx™ Pharmacy Kiosk
Experience the QuickCollect Rx™, a self-service pickup kiosk that automates the prescription pickup process. Eliminate customer wait times, deliver 24/7 accessibility, and improve pharmacy workflow through...



Turn-Key Installation and Service Solutions

We aren’t just an equipment company, we partner with retailers and deliver turn-key installation, software integration, and ongoing remote monitoring and maintenance support for our solutions. We understand the critical nature of implementing a new customer touchpoint and are committed to delivering a best-in-class customer experience.



Why Automated Prescription Storage and Retrieval Kiosks Matter

(Blog) Is Your Pharmacist Working at the Top of Their License? (Video) See Our Pharmacy Kiosk System in Action”


Yes. With independent induction and retrieval processes, these solutions enable contactless pickup.

Yes. QuickCollect™ solutions enable prescriptions to be loaded at any point in the day and can extend pickup hours.

The pickup process takes 30 seconds or less.

Yes. Our QuickCollect™ Solutions are purpose-built with security in mind with both hardware and software interventions put in place to protect the integrity of the contents of the system and ensure the correct item is released to the correct person each and every time.

Yes. By making prescription pickup more convenient and eliminating the need to stand in line, QuickCollect™ solutions reduce the script abandonment rate.

Ready to Simplify Your Automated Pickup?

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