Flexible, Automated Refrigerated Grocery Lockers and Kiosks

Automate the storage, sorting, pickup, and delivery of online grocery orders with our comprehensive range of intelligent solutions. Easily support contactless pickup 24 hours a day in store or at remote locations with our flexible refrigerated grocery lockers and kiosks. Customize to your specific needs with on-demand temperature controls, customizable configurations, and standalone or integrated software operation.


Scalable Solutions

Our grocery solutions can expand to fit growing demand, so you can buy the right size today and adjust as you grow. Plus, with solutions for pharmacy and remote possibilities, there’s always room to scale or diversify.

Remote Servicing Options

Remote 24/7 monitoring enables our skilled technicians to perform preventive maintenance, diagnose performance anomalies, and service most issues remotely.

Standalone Software

We’re proud to offer our refrigerated grocery lockers and kiosks with standalone software so you can get up and running quickly. Leverage our software for the short or long-term, or transition into a dedicated enterprise solution with our IT integration support.

Service Partnership

Our solutions extend beyond the initial purchase and setup. When you partner with Bell and Howell, one year of service is included with all our refrigerated lockers and kiosks. Our nationwide technicians and remote monitoring and servicing deliver ongoing support.

Expand Your Markets

Your refrigerated grocery locker or kiosk doesn’t have to be attached to your store. Leverage our self-contained outdoor solutions to extend your pickup and delivery range beyond your existing facilities. You can even integrate directly with your warehouse, micro-fulfillment center, or dark store.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate the labor and expense of storing grocery orders with our automated refrigerated grocery lockers. We leverage robotics to increase the scale of your grocery eCommerce program with no added labor.

Our Refrigerated Grocery Lockers and Kiosks

Choose from our comprehensive line of refrigerated grocery lockers and kiosks to find an option that fits your size, temperature needs, scale, and demand. From in-store kiosks to standalone, off-site units, our solutions can scale with your customers' needs.
BH QuickCollect™ GL Refrigerated Grocery Locker
BH QuickCollect™ GL is a smart grocery locker system that enables grocers to remotely configure column temperatures by degrees. Deliver entire grocery orders in one solution, from heated to frozen and...
QuickCollect GO!™ Pod
The QuickCollect GO!™ Pod modernizes pickup by improving operations and enhancing the customer and user experience.



Turn-Key Installation and Service Solutions

We aren’t just an equipment company, we partner with retailers and deliver turn-key installation, software integration, and ongoing remote monitoring and maintenance support for our solutions. We understand the critical nature of implementing a new customer touchpoint and are committed to delivering a best-in-class customer experience.



What Retailers Can Learn from the Rise of Grocery Dark Stores


Yes, our systems are designed to seamlessly integrate into any system, providing a frictionless fulfillment and customer pickup experience at any micro-fulfillment center.

Delivery drivers are treated just like a customer. The system sends a notification once an order is ready for pickup. All they do is scan a system-provided barcode, grab the order, and go. No more waiting for orders to be compiled, waiting for a store associate to help, or having additional people inside the store.

Yes. One major blocker for traditional curbside programs is the requirement for staff to haul orders to customers’ vehicles. Our solutions eliminate this labor-intensive process and enable an associate to preload the machine and extend pickup hours without added staff.

Yes, our automated grocery pickup solutions enable grocers to expand hours, add capacity, and help more consumers – all with less labor.

Yes. QuickCollect solutions enable you to minimize your E-Commerce staging footprint with vertically-scalable, multi-temperature pickup solutions.

Automating grocery pickup drastically reduces the labor that is required with traditional curbside pickup programs.

Ready to Simplify Your Automated Pickup?

Talk to us about your automated pickup needs and we'll determine the best smart locker or kiosk solution to support your organization.