A Fresh Way to Fight Hunger

Our temperature-controlled, food-safe refrigerated lockers and kiosks allow you to impact more people in your community. Place your locker anywhere there’s electricity and give community members 24/7 access to the food they need. With automated and contactless pickup, you can safely service more people with greater efficiency and ease.


Extend Your Reach

Our temperature-controlled lockers can be placed anywhere including inside or alongside food banks, community centers, schools, churches, and more. Choose a location that best serves your community's needs.

24/7 Access

Individuals who struggle with food insecurity often work odd hours, making it difficult to access resources. Our lockers operate 24/7, making it possible for people to access food when their schedule allows.

Enhanced Privacy

Contactless pickup allows for greater privacy. With refrigerated lockers, community members can pick up fresh and healthy food privately, enabling more families to feel comfortable accepting the help they need.

Flexible Options

Our refrigerated lockers for food banks have multiple temperature zones from frozen to warm, which can be changed on-demand, helping you keep your food fresh and secure for as long as possible.

Easy to Implement and Operate

Our refrigerated lockers are installed and operational in one day. You don’t need internet or special software for operation. Our proprietary process allows food recipients easy and secure access to their food with or without a mobile phone or computer.

Service Partnership

Our solutions extend beyond the initial purchase and setup. When you partner with Bell and Howell, one year of service is included with all our refrigerated lockers. Our nationwide technicians and remote monitoring and servicing deliver ongoing support.

Our Temperature-Controlled Lockers for Food Banks

With our streamlined, standalone food locker solutions, your food distribution hours and operation no longer need to be limited by staffing or safety concerns. Offer automated, contactless pickup of food items to community members on their schedule with temperature-controlled lockers that keep items fresh.
BH QuickCollect™ GL Refrigerated Grocery Locker
BH QuickCollect™ GL is a smart grocery locker system that enables grocers to remotely configure column temperatures by degrees. Deliver entire grocery orders in one solution, from heated to frozen and...
QuickCollect GO!™ Pod
The QuickCollect GO!™ Pod modernizes pickup by improving operations and enhancing the customer and user experience.



Turn-Key Installation and Service Solutions

We aren’t just an equipment company, we partner with retailers and deliver turn-key installation, software integration, and ongoing remote monitoring and maintenance support for our solutions. We understand the critical nature of implementing a new customer touchpoint and are committed to delivering a best-in-class customer experience.



The Value Of An Automated Click-and-Collect Solution

Find out five key benefits beyond the hard ROI that an automated self-service solution can provide to your brick-and-mortar store in our latest report, “The Real Value of an Automated Click-and-Collect Solution.”


Expand and Simplify Food Access
in the Fight Against Hunger

Contactless food distribution makes life easier for the whole community. Offer privacy and convenience
with 24/7 food and meal pickup anywhere in your community with the QuickCollect™ GL.


Yes. Allow clients to pick up when and where it’s easiest for them. Plus, staff and volunteers don’t have to be on-site to support clients.

Absolutely. Our systems are capable of having multiple organizations use the same locker bank at the same time.

Our automated pickup solutions are well insulated against outside temperature conditions from the hot sun of Texas to the icy winds found in northern climates. The locker systems offer frozen, refrigerated and controlled ambient temperatures to help ensure product quality and consistency.

Yes! Give clients access to both healthy food and anonymity with an easy, contactless, and frictionless customer experience.

Yes. Our customizable solutions provide dignity and anonymity to clients.

Ready to Simplify Your Automated Pickup?

Talk to us about your automated pickup needs and we'll determine the best smart locker or kiosk solution to support your organization.