QuickCollect GO!™ Pod


The QuickCollect GO!™ Pod modernizes pickup by improving operations, expanding revenue, and enhancing the customer experience.


Quick and Easy Installation

The QuickCollect GO!™ Pod’s modular prefabricated design minimizes installation and site requirements. With drop-in installation, the QuickCollect GO!™ Pod can be deployed in a variety of locations bringing convenient e-commerce access to your customers.

Focus on Efficiencies

The QuickCollect GO!™ Pod revolutionizes online pickup with robotic automation allowing secure, unattended dispensing of online orders anytime, anywhere in seconds.

QuickCollect GO!™ Pod eliminates labor intensive order touchpoints using patent-pending next-generation automation and intelligent software to collect and present a customer their pickup order. With QuickCollect GO!™, Bell and Howell addresses growing challenges with labor costs and shortages, inefficiencies of e-commerce pickup, and order hand-off delays allowing consumers unprecedented convenience and speed during e-commerce order pickup.

Intelligent Hub for Consumers and Delivery Drivers

QuickCollect GO!™  employs intelligent software that seamlessly handles consumer and delivery driver pickups allowing both to quickly grab their order and go without waiting for staff. Additionally, QuickCollect GO!™  offers a multi-portal design for higher order volumes to handle both consumer and driver pickups. This innovative new solution helps businesses easily streamline operations, reduce last-mile costs and decrease staff requirements.

Scale with Confidence

The QuickCollect GO!™ Family is built on a common platform sharing the same patent-pending and flexible robotic technology and software. With drop-in installation, the QuickCollect GO!™ Pod allows easy expansion to a variety of locations bringing convenient e-commerce access to your customers while maintaining the highest efficiencies the QuickCollect GO!™ Family is known for.


How the QuickCollect GO!™ Pod Works for Customers

  1. A customer places an order online.
  2. Once an order is ready for pickup, the system automatically sends the customer a unique pickup code via email and/or text message.
  3. When the customer arrives, they scan their code and quickly receive their order.

About BH QuickCollect™ Solutions

Transforming Business Challenges into Competitive Advantages

BH QuickCollect™ Solutions, powered by Bell and Howell, combines a rich history in retail automation and an award-winning service organization with the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of automated pickup solutions. Our dynamic pickup systems are installed throughout North America in the world’s largest retailers, grocers, and pharmacies. Each of our solutions is supported by state-of-the-art remote monitoring and analytics-based predictive maintenance. We customize our approach to each partner to fulfill their unique pickup program needs today, tomorrow, and in the future.


"Store in a Box" Drop-in installation


Scalable to Fit capacity needs


Temperature controlled


Install in parking lot or remote location


  • Easy outdoor deployment with improved operational and space efficiency
  • Simultaneous loading and pickup with 24/7 availability
  • Enhanced customer experience with multiple customer portals


QuickCollect GO!™ Pod Specs
Consumer Portal/Kiosks:
Dedicated Loading Portal:
Simultaneous Loading and Pick Up:
Climate Controlled:
Supports Frozen / Refrigerated / Ambient
QuickCollect GO!™ Pod Specs
23’-41’ Long 9’ High 8.5’ Deep
Drop-in / Standalone
Supported Industries:
Retail, Grocery, Pharmacy




Turn-Key Installation and Service Solutions

We aren’t just an equipment company, we partner with retailers and deliver turn-key installation, software integration, and ongoing remote monitoring and maintenance support for our solutions. We understand the critical nature of implementing a new customer touchpoint and are committed to delivering a best-in-class customer experience.

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