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Simplifying Training for Our Customers

Training-Focused Service Organization

One of the ways Bell and Howell has maintained itself as an industrial servicing and maintenance leader is through our heavy prioritization of ensuring that all our employees are highly trained on all equipment they may encounter. Our field technicians receive countless hours of regular hands-on training to combat issues and quickly resolve service calls they receive. Our highly skilled trainers work side-by-side with them, providing guidance and instructing on not only Bell and Howell solutions, but for a wide range of equipment from a host of OEM partners. This allows us to more effectively provide the award-winning service that our customers have grown to expect. But there’s more.

Train-The-Trainer Courses

With our typical training courses, our instructors work directly with our technicians, but we also have developed training courses on several products that cultivate Bell and Howell equipment champions outside of our organization. We call this the Train-the-Trainer program.

These series of courses can provide the same in-person training programs with our in-house instructors and focus entirely on leveling up a customer’s equipment trainer or manager. This process helps economically onboard the rest of the organization’s team while still providing all the necessary technical and operator skillsets. This enables organizations to develop unique processes and their own experts to become confident operating the systems and able to fully prepare the rest of the operators on how to maximize the value that the equipment can bring.

Operator Retention

Another crucial benefit of this type of training structure is its down-the-line effects on operator retention. The greater reliance on better training programs and access to more experts on the solutions operators use regularly allows improved access to that information. Reducing the knowledge gap can help operators and technicians feel less isolated as they perform their job. This allows better training and higher operator retention.

Training entire teams can be expensive. We’ve devoted great resources to support our entire workforce with the skillsets that help them be agile while on the job because it allows us to service our customers more effectively. We’ve proven our success by being consistently ranked among the best training organizations in the country. So, in opening the availability of our resources to outside organizations, we hope to grant increased flexibility to choose the training programs that make sense for you, your teams, and your operations.

To learn more about the Train-the-Trainer programs we can offer, reach out to your Bell and Howell contact or fill out our contact form.


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