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Product Spotlight - Inveloper

High-Speed Folder Inserter

Bell and Howell’s Inveloper is a high-speed folder inserter that enables a complete plain paper-to-finished mailpiece process, creating envelopes on-demand with innovating wrapping technology. With ongoing challenges causing envelope supply shortages as well as costs associated with purchasing, storing, and producing mailpieces, the Inveloper presents an intriguing alternative to the standard inserting process.

With up to 30,000 mailpieces per hour, the Inveloper can maintain or increase throughput on production floors, while lowering the cost per piece. It uses a plain paper roll and unique wrapping technology to transform the mailpiece assembly process into a single continuous workflow, saving many steps and driving up production efficiency.

What also makes the Inveloper an attractive solution is that, in conjunction with color print technology, adding high-impact messaging to the envelope and creating eye-catching mailpieces is easy and costs can still be kept low. This is a big differentiator between typical inserter machines, where blank white envelopes are the norm.

If your high-volume production floor is struggling with getting envelopes to keep up with demand or you are thinking of alternative solutions to expand your mailing services, the Inveloper could be a perfect system to consider.

Customer Study

A while ago, we highlighted a technology company that works primarily within the healthcare industry, providing statement processing and other mail-related services. They explored the Inveloper as a way to handle their increasing volume demands, increase production efficiency, and cut envelope costs. They ended up going with the Inveloper and currently use it to produce more than 1.7 million mailpieces a month. If you are interested in learning more, we encourage you to click over and view our customer study and consider if the Inveloper could bring value to your operations. Read the study here.

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