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Biggest Service Trends in 2022

Four key analytics sophistication markers and critical steps you should take to reach service excellence.

As we forge ahead into 2022 and continue providing customizable service solutions to support customers large and small, we have been thinking a lot about our customers, the continual changes in the industry, and the challenges the last two years are having on the industries we support. We thought we’d take an opportunity to share some of the trends we are seeing, and the ways Bell and Howell is addressing some industry challenges to continue providing the level of service that our customers have come to expect.

Current Challenges

Supply Chain Issues

Maximizing uptime can be challenging when the parts and supplies you need are out of reach. It is no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused constraints across most industries, with many continuing to feel the strain in some way or another. At Bell and Howell, we are here to support our customers through services designed to protect and optimize their investments. Often, this means our service contracts rely heavily on parts that keep your solutions running smoothly. Our parts management and logistics teams are working hard to ensure that our 400 stocking locations can continue providing the foundation for our entire service organization. Our veteran inventory exports have successful track records with unmatched fulfillment capabilities that allow our 800+ service technicians to service equipment and reduce downtime.

Workforce Challenges

Another challenge we are seeing is workforce shortages. In some areas, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find employees to fill important rolls – we’ve even experienced similar struggles. Nonetheless, Bell and Howell remains known for its long tenure employees who are continually training on the equipment they service. With 800+ in-house service engineers, Bell and Howell removes the reliance on outside organizations for valued customer support technicians, allowing us to finely control access to the tools, training, and information that is imperative to our successful service organization.

Emphasis on Digital Transformation

Bell and Howell has established a digital backbone that collects, analyzes, and models machine log data. This is part of a digital transformation that the entire service organization has been striving for. In 2022, this data will continue to play an important part in improving customer experiences.

Remote Monitoring

With a rise in IoT-enabled systems, the availability of useful metrics has never been higher. Not only does the collection of higher value operational data aid in making crucial decisions, but also supports the live monitoring of equipment. This grants businesses and equipment operators the freedom to refocus their attention to other important tasks. Bell and Howell’s remote monitoring solutions technicians provide on-demand support in real-time when issues arise, saving hours of unnecessary downtime. With solutions tailored to your specific business and equipment needs, Bell and Howell is here to empower businesses through the flow of information.

Predictive Maintenance

Another trend that we see providing better and more effective service, is our switch towards predictive maintenance and away from preventative services. Because we continue to have enhanced data, Bell and Howell remote monitoring technicians can provide greater clarity when servicing plans are being built. This new drive to use data to maintain valuable equipment saves customers money on costly repairs and prolongs the lifetime value achieved from the machinery. Our service plans are highly customized to your exact project and equipment requirements.


While there are certainly many dynamics currently impacting businesses in new ways, Bell and Howell is here to partner alongside you and offer reliability that few can. Whether that’s equipment servicing or upgrades, access to our 24/7 award-winning customer support team, or project management and consulting services, our teams at Bell and Howell are ready to help.

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