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More About Our Product Reconditioning Services

When looking at a new piece of equipment for your mail production floor, several major considerations shape the decision – the first often being price. The advancement of production mail equipment into smarter, more efficient, and more capable machinery, as well as current economic conditions, have continued to impact the bottom line of many businesses as they’re acquiring these large pieces of equipment. Whether your business is looking at replacing older equipment or expanding operations with additional systems for new revenue streams, deciding on how much to spend on these solutions is, rightfully so, a major point of deliberation.

Bell and Howell’s product reconditioning services are focused on alleviating the burden of high-cost expenditures. With our highly trained elite technicians able to provide full mechanical and electrical remanufacturing and refurbishment services across a full spectrum of production mail solutions, we can deliver highly specific equipment builds that match your preferred functionality requirements at a much more manageable price point.

We’ve categorized our product reconditioning services into three separate service levels.

When a used machine arrives at our factory, our technicians begin reviewing and fully inspecting the equipment. Working through detailed checklists, our teams then determine the amount of service needed to be performed to maximize the value for the customer. Our service technicians then begin the process of transitioning the worn-down equipment into completely refurbished systems, often visually indistinguishable from new equipment. With decades of industry knowledge and experience, Bell and Howell provides customers value in purchasing pre-owned solutions as well as confidence in these systems through our time-tested processes and advanced refurbishing methods.

Another major factor influencing purchase decisions is lead time. Delivery estimates continue to lengthen throughout the industry, with some lead times for brand new equipment stretching up to 8 months or longer. The benefits of buying refurbished equipment and the flexibility often provided should not be understated. Our teams at Bell and Howell are hyper-focused on sourcing equipment, servicing it, and delivering it on behalf of our production mail customers while doing our best to be transparent about supply issues and delivery estimates.

Invest In What You Have

Having optimized equipment and guaranteeing large investments are running efficiently is important to customers and Bell and Howell. That’s why our engineering teams also regularly perform field change orders that can alter or upgrade your machine and provide necessary functionality or performance improvements. It’s important to us that what you have works for you.

If you have questions about your equipment or need upgrades, or to learn about our reconditioned equipment, reach out to us through our contact page.


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