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Retailers, Take Steps Now to Run Full Speed During the Holidays

Equipment downtime: not a phrase you want to hear any time soon. Especially if you manage a piece of equipment critical to your company’s success. An out-of-service machine is always a problem, but if this happens during your “peak” business operating period, such as the end of year holidays, it can hurt twice as much.  Just ask your customers…

Some may think, “what happens, happens,” but you can take simple proactive measures now to avoid downtime and ensure your equipment runs when you need it most.

Update Today, No Equipment Downtime Tomorrow

As you approach your busy season, touch base with your service provider. Check that they have completed preventative maintenance work, thoroughly inspecting your equipment for any possible problems and calibration issues.

Important note: have the inspection performed close to your busy period, but not too close.  You want time to make sure the system returns to expected performance after they complete the work.

Next, check to see if your service provider can remotely monitor your system. If so, they can capture issues before they happen. Proactive instead of reactive care is critical to fixing problems before it hits your operation.

Use your data! Many collect tons of data on product performance, but so few actually use it. Today, data analytics tell you an incredible amount of important information regarding equipment performance, including details on service history. Some equipment may show a minimal risk and consistently high uptime, while others could show higher risk where serious plans are needed to avoid a potential disaster. A good service provider will collect this data and use it well.

Lastly, you should arrange a faster response time with your service provider during peak periods. This ensures you and your equipment receive a top priority response. An elevated response time may carry a higher price tag, but machine performance when needed most helps boost customer satisfaction.

A Stronger Season Starts Now

Equipment downtime can seem scary, especially during the holidays. But, with proper planning, you can limit your risk and most importantly, keep your customers happy.

Want to keep your operation up and running throughout this busy season? Let us know how our 24/7/365 service team can help.


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