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Maintenance & Repair Services

Our maintenance and repair services are a winning combination of customizable service plans, innovative technologies and a robust support infrastructure. Choose from a suite of training, service and support to maximize ROI and satisfy your operation’s unique needs.

Service Maintenance Plans

Customizable maintenance agreements to meet any needs.

Bell and Howell offers a variety of flexible service programs to keep your equipment running at optimal performance levels. From on-demand services to full-time resident technicians, we can customize a maintenance service solution to fit your specific needs.

Predictive Maintenance & Analytics

Innovative insights fueling the future of service.

Utilizing IoT-enabled services and data analytics, our engineers can predict machine failure before it happens. Our next-gen remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities enable us to track, report, troubleshoot and repair your systems without having to send a technician out, saving you valuable time and money.

Support Infrastructure

Delivering next-level service with unsurpassed training, tools & support.

Bell and Howell’s award-winning support infrastructure is the backbone of our service organization. By providing advanced training, cutting-edge technologies and round-the-clock customer care and technical support, we deliver the services, solutions and support you and your customers deserve.

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