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Breathing New Life into Equipment

OCT 18, 2018

Should you buy new or keep your old equipment? For some organizations, investing in new machinery may not always be the best answer. Long-term questions about mailing volumes and workload play a vital part in this decision, but what are your options? What is the ROI? These are critical questions many managers face as they determine the next phase of their mailing environment. Fortunately, there are several options for your aging fleet, including complete machine rebuild, refresh, or refurbished equipment.

In many cases, rebuilding equipment provides a more affordable option. Here, you can access significant cost savings and enable equipment to run efficiently for many more years. Most service organizations will also recognize a rebuild as a fresh start. This allows for additional service savings to further reduce your cost per piece. As part of a machine rebuild, you can also choose to install newer technical upgrades. These ensure your machine not only looks new, but also performs with greater integrity or increased throughput.

Buy Refurbished Equipment, Save Big

Looking beyond the benefits of rebuilding an aging fleet, what about simply buying a used or rebuilt machine instead of a new one? Another option many companies may not always hear about is whenever a new piece of machinery is installed, the preceding machine is usually acquired and stored by the manufacturer. These older machines can be rebuilt and made to look and operate like new for a fraction of the cost. This may be the most beneficial option for a company that may want newer technology but not have the budget for it. Think you cannot afford that new unit? Think again.

Breathing new life into your aging equipment may not be necessary for some companies. But, for those that can take advantage of their options, great solutions exist to keep your equipment running and looking like new. Bell and Howell offers all of these services and, in some cases, we stock rebuilt machines in-house that are ready to ship. Couple this with a world-renowned service program, and you will remain competitive for years to come.

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