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Support Programs for OEMs

From flexible service plans to product refurbishing, find a total solution to keep your operation running smoothly.

Maintenance and Repair

Let us provide service to your customers so you can focus on winning new ones. Choose a trusted service partner to vendors in production print and mail, parcel packaging, management and logistics, currency management, and industrial mechatronics.


Augment Workforce

Experience innovative service and support for end users any time, any place. We work with more than 50 manufacturers around the globe, servicing customers in high-security industries like banking, financial services, federal government agencies, and casinos. Top-tier people, processes and technology combine in our support programs, seamlessly integrating solutions to adapt to your requirements.

Product Refurbishing Services

This option involves an extensive preventative maintenance service, including a thorough cleaning of the equipment. We replace all broken components and worn items. Hardware and software upgrades are available at an additional cost. The equipment will be cosmetically clean in appearance. Your applications, when provided, are certified to agreed-upon performance specifications. The Refurbished Equipment warranty is half of the duration of the Certified Rebuilt Equipment warranty.

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Multi-Vendor Services

With more than 70 years of innovative service and support expertise to more than 50 manufacturers across North America, our customers can be found in banking, insurance, financial services, utilities, federal government agencies, casinos, graphic arts and other industries.

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Since 1907, Bell and Howell has leveraged innovative technologies and unrivaled service capabilities to help its customers increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve their customer experience. Boasting a rich history and expertise in mechatronics and workflow efficiency, the company delivers comprehensive automation solutions in retail click-and-collect, pharmaceutical factory intelligence, production mail, consumer packaging automation and omnichannel communication.