Research Insights: Ranking the Top 200 Direct Mail Service Providers

U.S. businesses sent 81 billion pieces of direct mail in 2016. This created several touch points with their prospects and customers. It also accounts for roughly 53 percent of all mailpieces delivered by the United States Postal Service.

In an era of omni-channel communications, marketers continue to use direct mail channel primarily due to its response rates. It typically ranks 28 times higher than email, 32 times higher than display ads, and 5.8 times higher than paid search, according to the Data and Marketing Association.

Direct mail marketing spend is seeing an uptick, with an estimated $57 billion in 2016. The direct mail piece complements integrated omni-channel marketing efforts, which engage customers both online and offline. Direct mail marketing of today is more targeted, sophisticated, and more effective than ever. Affordable high-quality digital printing and big data technologies change everything.

The DM200

Bell and Howell wanted to focus specifically on direct mail marketing service providers. Understand key players in this space includes their opportunities, challenges, and transformation into digital. We created DM 200, the first-of-its-kind ranking of the top 200 best direct mail companies and service providers by estimated sales revenue.

One of the key takeaways from the research is is in traditional printing. Providers of direct mail grow faster than those that do not offer them. This occurs at about 8 percent versus 1 percent, respectively. Direct mail marketing continues is dynamic, providing opportunities for traditional print providers to expand. The best direct mail companies should enhance their value proposition surrounding direct mail. These offerings could include personalization, mobile, online/offline integration, and end-to-end multi-channel solutions. In this way, they can effectively engage and measure customer experience.

Examples of Best Direct Mail Companies on the DM200 List

For 2017, Minnesota-based IWCO Direct ranks as one of the best direct mail companies in the U.S. Producing more than four billion mail pieces annually, the company recently built upon its foundation and extensive expertise. By expanding its service offerings, they could include sophisticated strategy and creative services for all channels. It now creates highly-coordinated, data-driven direct marketing campaigns. These typically combine digital and paper-based communications to reach the right customers at the right time through the right channel to drive results.

“Direct mail taught us valuable lessons about data, dynamic content, speed-to-market, lifecycle marketing, and many other factors that are necessary for multichannel marketing success,” IWCO Direct CEO Jim Andersen said. “We’re combining all this knowledge to develop strategies and execute tactics that help our clients create new customers and build stronger loyalty using the most appropriate channels to reach their target audiences.”

Illinois-based SG360°, which ranked third, has been delivering direct marketing solutions for more than 60 years. It leverages the power of print to create connected experiences by integrating direct marketing across all channels.

Vision Graphics Group, also from Illinois, ranked 19, and has had the unique opportunity to be at the forefront of many industry changes during the last 60 years. As technology has evolved, the company too, has evolved its traditional printing operations by developing methods and solutions that address the growing needs of clients. What was once a traditional printing operation has now grown into a leading on- and offline marketing solutions provider servicing clients nationwide.

Moving Towards Digital

The print and mail service industry is experiencing an unprecedented transition from physical to digital communication. As a result of this dynamic shift, they play a larger role in the marketing value chain. One of these ways is offering a broad range of marketing services. This opens the door for those providers to transform their businesses. They can also expand their capabilities beyond print to address these new opportunities.

Bell and Howell intends to publish this report annually. Additionally, the report will include insights into the industry. We will be watching over the coming years to see which of these companies will prosper, and if that can be attributed to expanded direct marketing services.

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