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Omnichannel Communication

Empower your business to build stronger relationships with your customers. Bell and Howell’s CX Touchpoints℠ is a fully-integrated, cloud-based omnichannel communications solution, simplifying personalized communications in a user-friendly platform.

Bridging the Gap Between Insight and Engagement

  • Comprehensive Portfolio

    Omnichannel communication and advanced services combine. Our solution fills service gaps, migrates legacy systems and eliminates operational obstacles.
  • User Empowerment

    Separate content creation from content distribution. Unlimited users create content, and minimal staff manages the delivery.
  • Guaranteed ROI

    With CaaS-based deployment, pay per customer as you grow. Unlimited communications and lines of business, one low monthly price.

Print Service Providers

Evolve into a modern omnichannel service provider.

Create new revenue streams alongside your legacy systems. Digital and physical communications unite for a stronger customer experience.


Advancing customer experience through omni-finance.

Empower consumers to make just-in-time decisions, delivering information how they want it instantly.


Modern communications to engage healthier members.

Guidance when your customers need it. Reminders before they realize they do. Increase customer satisfaction and retention while reducing costs.

Let Us Help

Since 1907, Bell and Howell has leveraged innovative technologies and unrivaled service capabilities to help its customers increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve their customer experience. Boasting a rich history and expertise in mechatronics and workflow efficiency, the company delivers comprehensive automation solutions in retail click-and-collect, pharmaceutical factory intelligence, production mail, consumer packaging automation and omnichannel communication.