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Remote Monitoring and Repair: Customer Service at the Speed of Light

July 19, 2018

In today’s demanding, fast-paced market, remote monitoring and repair is a need, not a want. The delivery window for service technicians to arrive and perform equipment repair has grown smaller and smaller. Gone are the days of waiting until tomorrow. Many will not accept “same day” or even 4-hour response times. We now stand at a point where physically getting to the site improves only slightly. Struggling with increased traffic or staffing enough people to respond to growing demand remains. Maybe someday there will be a way to truly “beam” someone over, but until then, we must provide a service alternative that meets our customer’s expectations.

By linking to a machine remotely and watching it perform every minute of every day, you stay ahead. You can detect possible failure before it happens. In those cases, you can either fix the issue remotely, or you can immediately dispatch a technician to the site before the customer even spots a pending problem. This gives an almost instant response to the service need. And, with remote repair, it gives instant repair and recovery when needed.

Maintenance Evolves

This technology continues to evolve, allowing us to monitor even the most sophisticated equipment. But, it also lets us monitor legacy products built without this ability. New electronic sensors in the right location can quickly learn normal machine operation parameters. If/when the unit deviates from those normal parameters, it triggers an alert. Here, human intervention can then correct and hopefully avoid unnecessary downtime. Not only will this machine learning technology limit equipment downtime, but it can also help generate data analytics. This data helps us better understand machine performance, which the customer uses to maximize equipment efficiency.

Can we provide service at the speed of light? Yes, thanks to remote monitoring and repair. But, watch out: once your customers experience this level of response, they will never expect anything less.

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