QuickCollect CT | Smart Shopping Cart System

Automated Shopping Carts

QuickCollect CT is a dynamic order retrieval solution that can be modified to meet any retailer’s unique needs. It also seamlessly integrates into your store’s existing infrastructure. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, the system accommodates large shopping carts, flatbeds and even full pallets.

Product Overview

Fully Customizable, Dynamic Smart Shopping Cart Retrieval System

With large and heavy products, big box stores and warehouse clubs bring unique challenges to the click-and-collect table. Introducing: the QuickCollect CT online order shopping cart retrieval solution, seamlessly integrating into your store’s infrastructure.

Designed for indoor or outdoor use, the system can accommodate large shopping carts, flatbeds and even full pallets. The retrieval system allows retailers to select security options, including physical and virtual locks. It can also stay refrigerated to accommodate perishable goods. When installed outside the store, it offers a 24-hour pickup option for added customer convenience.

QuickCollect CT shopping cart retrieval simplifies the pickup process for online, as well as will-call orders. Once an order is ready for pickup, the associate checks the order into the system. Then, it automatically sends the customer a text or email notifying them that their order is ready for pickup. Finally, the customer walks up to the QuickCollect CT terminal and scans their barcode or types in the unique code. In seconds, the unit identifies and releases the cart or flatbed containing their order.

Advanced IoT Analytics and Predictive Services

Bell and Howell’s award-winning automated equipment services back the QuickCollect CT. Innovative remote monitoring and IoT-enabled services ensure help from every angle. These advanced services empower retailers with valuable insights on customer usage. The system can also leverage the data to predict peak retrieval times, as well as weather and traffic patterns for a smooth in-store checkout experience.

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