How Do You Free Up Your Pharmacy Staff to Deliver a Great Customer Experience? [INFOGRAPHIC]

More than ever, your pharmacy staff is carrying expanded responsibilities. Try these tactics to let them focus on delivering best possible patient care.

Increased store volume. Unexpected staffing challenges. Now, more than ever, your pharmacy staff are handling a number of critical tasks. How can you pivot some of these tasks away from your staff so they can continue operating at the top of their license and delivering best possible patient care?

Below, consider four tactics your pharmacy can implement in order to allow staff to focus on creating more meaningful customer interactions.

Pharmacy Staff Tactic 1 New Automated Technology
Pharmacy Staff Tactic 2 Home Delivery
Pharmacy Staff Tactic 3 Central Fill
Pharmacy Staff Tactic 4 Telepharmacy

New methods and technologies can help your staff focus on delivering quality customer experiences that make an impact. Start a conversation today to learn more about how Bell and Howell can help streamline prescription pickup through a multi-portal, automated pharmacy solution.