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How Our Field Service Management Helps Our Customers

In March of this year, Bell and Howell made the switch from SAP to FSM – our own field service management system. This decision has produced tremendous results, not only in our ability to support our technicians in the field but in our capacity to better serve all transactional mail customers and our entire service division.

Here are the Top 4 Reasons why:

1. More Intelligent Service

With our advanced FSM tools, we have shifted further towards more predictive maintenance measures vs preventative methods. With more accurate data and tools at our disposal, we can now better service equipment in the field and better understand the unique needs of each one of our customers.

2. Improved Response Times

The system also has the capability to recognize the best possible solutions and which technicians are equipped to conduct the service call. The FSM intelligently gauges the current workload of available technicians and automatically notifies the technician trained and prepared for the call. This greatly increases our response and completion times.

3. Customer Reporting Enhancements

Keeping our customers informed about service status, technician schedules, parts, and more, is a huge priority for us. With FSM, we have implemented better tools to help document our processes and are continually looking at ways we can further keep customers in the loop.

4. New Web Portal

With the launch of FSM, customers now have the option to place service calls directly through our web portal – a feature that has been found useful by many of our mail customers. Our excellent customer support teams are available 24/7 no matter how you place a service request, offering you the convenience and confidence you need to efficiently operate your business.

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