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Bell and Howell’s Equipment Reconditioning Services

Bell and Howell’s service division offers an extensive portfolio of services, one of which are our variety innovative equipment reconditioning services.  Our highly skilled engineers and technicians are specialized in performing equipment reconditioning, field equipment upgrades (FCOs), and inspections that ensure that valuable equipment is running efficiently and providing the productivity and revenue streams customers’ desire. 


Bell and Howell provides in-depth inspections and refurbishment services for our customers. With equipment shipped to our floor or serviced out in the field, our teams assess the equipment, disassemble, deep clean, inspect, and provide finishing and testing procedures to maximize the value of the machinery. With the skills to clean equipment without chemicals or use more abrasive cleaning methods, our in-house experts or qualified field technicians enable customers to greatly extend the life of their valuable systems. 

Field Change Orders

Our teams can take outdated or underperforming equipment and perform necessary upgrades allowing customers to optimize their systems with new technologies or functions. By extending the life of the equipment by upgrading obsolete or inefficient solutions, we reduce expenditures on new equipment, increase production efficiency, and grow profitability. Our teams who lead FCOs work together with our customers, with most FCOs performed on-site, ensuring that downtime in minimized and that changes are completed quickly. 

Three Service Tiers

We provide customers with three levels of reconditioning services. With a dedicated project planning team, we are our customers’ trusted partners from their initial equipment purchase, to technical support and equipment reconditioning or remanufacturing. While a lot of our focus is on servicing mail production systems, we also provide reconditioning programs to adjacent industries, from robotics, wide-format printing, and more.


Let’s Talk Service Solutions

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