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Why Automated Prescription Storage and Retrieval Kiosks Matter: WATCH

Learn how you can expand pharmacy pickup options with an automated prescription storage and retrieval system in the final installment of the series.

Pharmacies play a critical part of the healthcare continuum, and their importance only continues to grow during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have been essential throughout this public health crisis, ensuring patients have the medication they need while maintaining patient safety. Pharmacists may also play a central role in scaling rapid COVID-19 testing, contact tracing, and accelerating access to future vaccines and treatments.1

The pandemic also created a number of issues for pharmacies, including staffing challenges. Whether due to the surge in demand, staff taking sick leave, or the increased tasks implemented to ensure proper social distancing and disinfection, pharmacies have had to find new ways to mitigate these challenges. If the role of pharmacist include COVID-19 testing, treatment, and immunization in the future, these staffing challenging will only amplify.

Bell and Howell recognizes the new demands placed on your pharmacy staff, and we’re here to help. Through a series of videos, learn about how automating the prescription storage and pickup process can free up your staff. You’ll see how automated kiosks and pharmacy lockers work, ultimately enabling your staff to spend time focusing on patients.

Part 1: Streamline the Will-Call Bin

In our first segment, we’ll explore how automated prescription kiosks for storage and pickup reduces the time your pharmacy staff spends searching the will-call bin for a prescription during patient pickup or during the return to stock process.

Part 2: Automate Prescription Refill Pickup

Refills make up about half of the daily prescription volume moving through a pharmacy. In this second segment, we investigate how automating the pickup of prescription refills can free up your pharmacy staff, as well as give your patients a convenient experience.

Part 3: Expand Pharmacy Pickup Options

It’s almost universal that patients find waiting frustrating. In our third segment, we explore how you can decrease wait times with an automated pharmacy kiosk by expanding the number of lanes in your pharmacy without adding to the workload of your staff.


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