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Vote-By-Mail is Coming. Are You Ready?

As states prepare alternatives to in-person voting, secure a Vote-By-Mail inserting solution now that can meet historic demand.

May 27, 2020

It’s an election year like none other.

Upending plans, the coronavirus has postponed or canceled in-person primary elections across the nation. In the lead up to the 2020 presidential election in November, states are preparing to conduct elections via mail in historic numbers. This requires printing of additional ballots, as well as inserting the ballots into custom-ordered envelopes that correspond to the mail piece inside.

Enter: verified Vote-By-Mail inserting solutions.

A Vote-By-Mail inserting solution is designed to match and validate relevant data on a unique piece of content with its corresponding envelope. Depending on the state regulations or application, it may also require inline read-to-print variable data capabilities.

At Bell and Howell, Vote-By-Mail solutions are simply an extension of our proven Matching and Read-to-Print inserting solutions. We’ve been deploying these these verification solutions for more than 20 years, and delivered our first dedicated system in 2012. Our Vote-By-Mail inserting solutions augment traditional inserting  with additional features and upgrades to meet demand and requirements.

Take a look at a few of our available inserting solutions:

Mailstar 500

Perfect for small- to mid-sized volumes, the Mailstar 500 features three area scan cameras in insert stations to meet your Vote-By-Mail inserting needs. It’s best suited for ballot return envelopes that don’t require in-line printing. Outside of the voting season, this inserting solution can be used for other direct mail mailings, with or without matching, to extend its value to your operation.

Mailstar LX

The Mailstar LX – an adaptable, intelligent gripper arm inserting system – fits the needs of small- to mid-size volume operations. As a Vote-By-Mail inserting system, it pairs well with runs where the ballot return envelope isn’t required to be printed in-line. With a sheet feeder output of up to 34,000 sheets an hour, this system easily extends past the voting season, as well. Use it for direct mail needs, or first-class mailings with integrated LX-Feeder Folder for statement mailings.

Producer DM Series

For high-volume Vote-By-Mail inserting applications, look no further than the Producer DM series. The Producer 250 or 400 DM offer inline printing on the ballot return envelope with the perfect combination of speed, efficiency and accuracy. Continue processing in high-volumes well past voting season with the 400DM for letter size mail, or the 250DM for letter and flat size pieces.

As the demand rises for Vote-By-Mail, we’re ready to help you adapt and engage with proven solutions for any volume. Let us know how we can help your mail operation meet new inserting needs for 2020.


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