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QuickCollect XL| Automated Grocery Pickup Kiosk

Drive-Up Automated Grocery Pickup Solution

Redefine the grocery experience with a refrigerated, drive-up self-service system, convenient for 24/7 online grocery and non-grocery order pick-up.

Product Overview

Quick and Convenient Curbside Pickup 

From speed to ease-of-use, QuickCollect XL automated grocery kiosk gives your customers a frictionless pickup that mirrors the online shopping experience. Eliminate wait times with simultaneous pickup for up to seven customers at once.

Dynamically Meet Pickup Needs

Designed to deliver refrigerated, frozen as well as general merchandise orders, QuickCollect XL driveup grocery pickup can be deployed as a standalone pickup location. It can also deploy as an extension to existing retail locations. This modular click-and-collect system provides customers with up to seven drive-up pickup stations built into the kiosk. Dedicated parking in front of each station eases workflow.

Associates as well as customers can use up to six totes at one time, streamlining the induction and retrieval process.

The Bell and Howell Difference

Experience the power of a world-renowned service and support infrastructure, insight-producing data analytics, and deploying solutions at scale. Bell and Howell’s remote monitoring and IoT-enabled services lets us remotely diagnose problems and service our customers’ machines before they even know there’s an issue.

To learn more about QuickCollect XL and automated grocery pickup solutions, contact us today.

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