Job Consolidation

Job Consolidation

Digitally Accelerating Production


Streamlining mail production can improve performance, and reduce the costs of printing, processing, and postage. One way to make production more efficient and accurate is through the concept of Job Consolidation. This method of standardizing document inputs and automating consolidation of smaller print jobs can reduce lengthy manual changeover processes and help eliminate the accompanying human errors.

In Bell and Howell’s Job Consolidation Solution, jobs are normalized and individual documents are indexed to ensure integrity. Documents are merged into parent jobs for improved efficiency, and the consolidated output files are split as needed for any distribution method.

This software solution can combine multiple documents going to a single household to reduce the overall number of mailpieces. In addition, smaller jobs can be combined, so they may be printed in presort orders. This means you can eliminate physical presorting, yet still optimize your presort-discount postal savings. This user-friendly program helps increase productivity while reducing costs.

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