Examine every page of print in-line as it’s produced on today’s fastest color or monochrome digital printers and perform instant analysis to ensure high-quality results. Whether your business handles transactional print, transpromo documents or print-on-demand, WebVision™ digital print quality assurance system from Lasermax Roll Systems® guarantees that you’re putting your best face forward to your customers.

WebVision™ takes predetermined actions after performing any user-defined test. You decide how critical a particular test is during initial set-up, and accordingly instruct WebVision how to respond to a failure.

Choose different responses for different test failures — from simply logging a failure to stopping the entire print line — WebVision takes the action you want, when you need it.

Key Features

  • Inspect the entire web
  • Target critical areas
  • Link to ADF for automated workflow
  • Reduce waste
  • 360 dpi resolution

Other features available

  • Management Reports — Web-based for easy availability.
  • User-friendly — flat touch screen, two-up full screen color view, and multi-lingual operator interface.
  • ADF Connection — provides item-level and piece-level information in real-time, as well as operator and machine performance statistics.
  • WebVision™ EXspect — quality inspection system positioned between the web-fed digital printer and the finishing module. Reduce or eliminate filler materials.

WebVision™ analyzes print immediately, so problems are identified immediately and corrective action can be taken. Re-prints and the corresponding waste of time and materials are all slashed dramatically. In addition, WebVision enhances your workflow and reduces labor requirements.

Connect WebVision™ to an Automated Document Factory (ADF) to automate diversion of bad output with no operator intervention. WebVision’s high-resolution cameras guarantee that a variety of quality or job integrity faults will be identified.

A full suite of management reports and an ADF link offer the opportunity to gain critical insight into print production processes to help prevent future problems from happening.

Datasheet: WebVision

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