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Employee Spotlight - Howard MacCready

Howard MacCready has 20+ years in the industry and is approaching his 15th year with Bell and Howell. He has a multi-experience background within the organization as an individual contributing salesperson, national service sales, product manager, and various roles within product reconditioning. He is currently a Regional Sales Manager focusing on the Central and Western United States.

Can you explain your primary focus as a Regional Sales Manager with Bell and Howell?

I have the pleasure of being a customer-centric advocate. My goal is to help customers with solutions that maximize their potential. The mailing industry has made great leaps and bounds in technology, and my job is to evaluate and educate our customers on different products and services can maximize their successes for today and tomorrow. “How can I help you” is not a tagline, it is the focus.

What do you enjoy most about working with your customers?

I really value having the one-on-one conversations with them and getting to become that trusted member of their team. When customers are taking on new operations, I enjoy working alongside them and helping educate their stakeholders on things they may or may not be aware of. Having been in the industry for a while, I really find I have the experience to help guide them and consult them on industry trends or update them with lessons I’ve learned – all this to hopefully help them find success in whatever their project might be.

Is there a recent customer success story that you can tell us about?

We’ve recently completed an installation at a large production facility transitioning from a legacy fleet of equipment to high-speed inserting. This was a yearlong project where we helped them recapture 35% of their workspace while reducing their fleet of machines by 40% with a potential surge capacity of more than 30%. As a vendor partner, helping redesign the workflow was key to success. The customer had a vision and we made it a reality. Our Producer High-Speed Inserting system is uniquely qualified to create work cell environments that result in maximized production.

What are you speaking to your customers about most?

Every day customers are seeking how to maximize production and reduce cost per piece. “Do more with less” is a continual topic of discussion. As an extension of their team, I need to be on top of industry trends as well as technological advances before they happen. Our customers look to us for guidance to overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities for success. They want to know what Bell and Howell is doing to place their success as our number one priority. Customers are looking for solutions that yield them the ability to be flexible in all aspects (hardware, software, and service). They are looking for answers on how to solve for shortages – time, labor, and materials.  

What should customers should be looking forward to in Bell and Howell’s near future?

I’m a firm believer in the concept that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. As customers begin to really assess how best to utilize their limited resources, our IQ software suite is playing a huge role in how production mail managers are viewing and managing their floor. It doesn’t just calculate efficiency at the job or equipment level, but goes beyond that and factors in operator efficiency, differences in equipment, and job types, and has become a tool that allows easier decisions to be made.

What do you enjoy doing outside of the workday?

Outside of work, family is number one. I have a second job as a toddler wrangler. I love seeing life through my grandson’s eyes.  I like building things, and fixing things, as well as have a passion for history-architecture.

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