Leading Grocer Launches QuickCollect GO! ™ in Time for the Holiday Rush

Bell and Howell technology enables game-changing decoupling in delivery logistics

DURHAM, N.C., December 1, 2023 – Bell and Howell, the leading provider of automated e-commerce solutions, today reported another go-live for its QuickCollect products at a tier 1 grocer. The implementation adds the QuickCollect GO!™ Pod at a top grocery retailer and builds off their success with the QuickCollect GL™ grocery locker offering to guests.

Order hand-off to a guest is a time-consuming logistical process. There are trade-offs because the guest and retailer’s associate (or courier) must be synchronized to transfer the items and maintain a chain of custody for food safety. Additionally, the GO! Products offer Shop and Drop™ capability, eliminating staging and marshaling of orders entirely. There is no longer any need to hold orders inside the store until a customer arrives.

Bell and Howell’s QuickCollect GO! products eliminate frustrating logistical interruptions by utilizing unique asynchronous automation technology allowing both grocers and guests to optimize their time independently. Grocers are freed from sequential order processing, the challenges of staging and marshaling orders, and rigorous constraints around time slots. Guests have “drive up & go” freedom to receive their order or package on their terms, at more convenient times, and without waiting.

“We can see an immediate improvement in customer satisfaction and retailer workflow when using our products. Guests are delighted with the speed of obtaining an order as the system quickly finds and delivers the order. Situations where some customers wait 20 minutes for an order are gone. From the retailer’s perspective, the tedious process of order staging, marshaling, and then handing an order over to a customer is done by the QuickCollect GO!™ Pod. Order completeness and accuracy are effectively guaranteed by our unique combination of robotics and advanced software” said James Hermanowski, Vice President of Bell and Howell’s BH QuickCollect™ Solutions business.

The QuickCollect GO!™ Pod is a self-contained solution designed for simplified outdoor drop-in installations. It enables new business models including “drive-up & go” at remote sites to broaden brand reach, as well as 24/7 automation without added store hours or staff.  The QuickCollect GO!™ Pod seamlessly accepts orders from logistics hubs, automated customer and micro-fulfillment centers (CFC and MFC), manual fulfillment operations, and other sources. QuickCollect GO!™ products are an excellent fit for grocery-specific needs with configurations to address frozen and refrigerated temperature control requirements as well as ambient configurations capable of processing multiple envelope and package sizes and weights.

The QuickCollect GO!™ Pod is backed by Bell and Howell’s worry-free maintenance program and award-winning service organization. Learn more about Bell and Howell’s QuickCollect GO!™ Pod and other BH QuickCollect™ Solutions here.

About BH QuickCollect™ Solutions and Bell and Howell

BH QuickCollect™ Solutions, powered by Bell and Howell, is the leading provider of automated e-commerce order and package processing and return solutions in North America with over 1,700 deployments enabling grocers, retailers, and pharmacies to optimize their e-commerce fulfillment operations. BH QuickCollect™ Solutions combines a rich history in retail automation with the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of automation solutions. Scalable, modular, and flexible products allow each partner to fulfill their unique program needs today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Headquartered in Durham, N.C., BH QuickCollect™ Solutions operates a 24/7 customer service and technical support center, as well as an advanced remote monitoring and predictive diagnostic center. Our award-winning service organization employs more than 800 highly skilled field technicians across North America to ensure your operation is always running efficiently. For more information, please visit us online and follow us on LinkedIn.

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