Bell and Howell Technology Allowing Greater Access to Food Assistance Programs

DURHAM, N.C., August 17th, 2022 – As the school year kicks off, Houston Food Bank has launched a pilot program that implements a new distribution model, creating improved and more convenient access for families to benefit from food-assistance programs. Bell and Howell is partnering with Houston Food Bank, one of the largest in the Feeding America food bank network, and helping them place refrigerated food lockers at schools in the greater Houston area.

One of the biggest hindrances of reaching the community and providing adequate relief is often the difficulty many have with asking and ultimately receiving the help. Traditional food bank processes are often not very discrete and frequently deter many from taking advantage of these programs. The “Locker Project” is Houston Food Bank’s answer to this problem.

Bell and Howell has helped the Houston Food Bank by installing a QuickCollect™ GL locker system in the Hardin Independent School District in Hardin, Texas. Families can continue ordering food online through Feeding America’s OrderAhead system, with their fresh and frozen foods being delivered and placed within these new lockers. This locker provides immense flexibility, with 24-hour accessibility and intuitive self-service pickup. With schools often being used as food distribution hubs, the Houston Food Bank is building upon this structure and furthering the relief that community members feel while making it easier for those that are struggling to ask for help.

The QuickCollect™ GL lockers are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, feature column temperatures that are adjustable remotely, and are highly customizable to fit unique spaces. They are ideal for any grocer who is looking to implement improved pickup programs or extend their reach through remote pickup points. These next-generation lockers have found footing within food banks as program directors have seen the technology play a key role in allowing improved access to their services. The Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC, for instance, has a similar program and locker installation at a local elementary school.

To read more about this effort and hear directly from Houston Food Bank representatives, we encourage you to click over and read this article from Food Bank News.

For more information about how Bell and Howell’s QuickCollect™ GL lockers can revolutionize food assistance programs nationwide, visit this page, or reach out to us directly.