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A 360° View on Projects with IQ Suite

For mail manufacturers, running at peak performance requires streamlined workflows and accessibility to the real-time production and performance data that you need. Bell and Howell’s IQ Software Suite provides that operational visibility and control, tracking in real-time your entire production environment’s data, from individual items to large multiple facility workflows. 

Centralized Operational Visibility

Our IQ Production Suite is fully customizable and offers user-defined dashboards that allow a centralized view of the performance metrics you care about. Drilling into the details is easier than ever and analyzing efficiency measurements can be done across various jobs, machines, operators, and shifts. With the automated production reporting and historical data analysis possibilities, our IQ Production solutions empower businesses to lower costs and improve production integrity.

Track and Report on Every Item

With IQ Item, our focus is on the individual mail piece. By utilizing a variety of JETVision® data collection sources, we can automate the manual check and balance processes and validate each individual mail item to provide detailed audit trails for regulatory compliance and reprint generation. The visibility of each piece in production is given to everyone, from operators to management, allowing manufacturers to centrally manage processing results.

Customizable and Secure Deployment

Our deployment options range from cloud to on-premises, or across multiple sites, so you can optimize your fully protected, isolated, and encrypted data in any infrastructure you choose. All deployment solutions have the same functionality, features, and available modules. 

  1. Cloud-based – Allows a fully managed scalable infrastructure that is isolated and encrypted to provide the highest level of data security available. Modular configuration allows easy expansion as business needs change. 
  2. On-premises – Operates on a single server or dedicated VM and utilizes Microsoft SQL on a Windows Server. 
  3. Multi-site – Manage organization or site-based production data and job statuses across multiple sites with ease. 

Watch the video below to see our next-generation Automated Document Factory platform in action.

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