BH QuickCollect EL™ | Smart Locker System

Flexible Indoor/Outdoor Smart Locker System

With double-column locker modules and multiple compartment size options that can be reconfigured on site, QuickCollect EL™ offers unprecedented flexibility for retailers, grocers, and pharmacies looking to deliver a contactless order pickup experience that delights their customers.

Product Overview

Durably Designed to Handle the Elements

QuickCollect EL™ is an elegant approach to self-service order pickup, ideal for those who are looking to expand their customer pickup capabilities. This smart locker system features double-column locker modules and multiple compartment size options for customizable configurations. In addition, the QuickCollect EL™ is site configurable allowing you to adjust existing compartment sizes with a simple door and shelf swap to meet your growing business demands and future-proof your investment. With indoor and outdoor options available, the QuickCollect EL™ is the perfect solution for retailers, grocers, and pharmacies of all sizes. Because all you need is a solid surface, electricity, and internet, the QuickCollect EL™ offers unprecedented flexibility for how and where you establish your online order pickup point.

Make your pickup workflows more efficient and store a wide range of orders while offering your customers a pickup experience they’ll love.

Simplified Induction and Pickup Processes

Your order pickup experience should be as intuitive and easy as your online ordering process. The QuickCollect EL™ simplifies the order induction process AND customer pickup process to three easy steps (depending on application).

Expand Your Pickup Options

The deployment options for the QuickCollect EL™ are virtually limitless. While this dynamic system can be installed at your store (both indoors and out), in your backroom, or in your parking lot, it can also be implemented remotely, closer to customers, for an even more convenient customer experience. The QuickCollect EL™ can even be configured to accept returns or serve as a dedicated pickup point for delivery drivers. The system can also be added to any of your other QuickCollect™ Solutions for oversized items and additional deployment flexibility.

Designed to Handle Change and Growth

The QuickCollect EL™ is customizable, scalable, and protected by Bell and Howell’s unparalleled services technology. It is unique because it supports a large variety of use cases, order sizes, order types, and environments. This smart locker solution has a wide selection of double-column locker modules available to meet your unique configuration requirements, with individual locker sizes ranging from small (4.8” tall) to extra-large (32” tall). The smart locker system also comes equipped with a 10” x 8” touchscreen, a security camera to ensure a safe pickup experience, and a barcode reader so your customers can enjoy a contactless pickup experience.

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