Bell and Howell’s QuickCollect Rx™ Automates Leading Grocery Chain’s Pharmacy

Robotic automation frees up pharmacy staff and allows for reduced customer wait times

DURHAM, N.C., March 23rd, 2022 – Bell and Howell, the leading provider of automated pickup solutions, today reported its new QuickCollect Rx™ is now in operation at a leading American grocery retail chain. BH QuickCollect™ pharmacy solutions enhance customer prescription pickup experiences and medication compliance by eliminating long wait times, a major source of customer frustration and deterrence. Instead of patients waiting for their prescriptions, their prescriptions are waiting for them.

By automating the will call bin, pharmacists and staff can save time and devote more attention to patient wellness programs and other efforts that advance patient care.

Another common concern of patients is limited pharmacy hours or long drives to the pharmacy. BH QuickCollect™ automated kiosks enable extended pickup hours to better address the needs of patients. Automated prescription pickup can occur outside pharmacy hours or in locations where there is no pharmacy nearby further reducing barriers and enhancing patient satisfaction.

BH QuickCollect™ pharmacy products fit within existing pharmacy workflows. All medications are verified, dispensed, and counseled via normal processes under a licensed pharmacist. Once complete, prescriptions are securely stored in the solution until the patient arrives for pickup.

“We are excited to have a leading grocer embrace the QuickCollect Rx™ as an important element to their customer convenience and pharmacy strategy,” said James Hermanowski, General Manager and Vice President of Bell and Howell’s BH QuickCollect™ Solutions business. “Patients welcome the speed and convenience provided by our technology while at the same time the technology enables pharmacies to recognize unmatched operational efficiencies. This next-generation solution removes long pharmacy lines and limited pharmacy hours, key areas of patient frustration,  enabling better care and medication compliance.”

The QuickCollect Rx™ is the first automated prescription solution aimed at retail pharmacies. While other solutions have centered towards servicing hospitals and other healthcare locations, Bell and Howell has taken further steps in offering the customizability no other solution can. Pharmacies can control patient pickup workflows, add payment terminals, offer patient counseling, and more. With the QuickCollect Rx™ designed to enhance patient experiences, and McKesson integration allowing general availability to countless pharmacies, Bell and Howell has positioned the solution for wide adoption through continued pharmacy partnerships.

The QuickCollect Rx™ is backed by Bell and Howell’s worry-free maintenance program and award-winning service organization. Learn more about Bell and Howell’s QuickCollect Rx™ and other BH QuickCollect ™ Solutions here.

About BH QuickCollect™ Solutions and Bell and Howell 

BH QuickCollect™ Solutions, powered by Bell and Howell, is the leading provider of automated order pickup, return and order processing solutions in North America with over 1,700 deployments enabling grocers, retailers, and pharmacies to optimize their fulfillment operations. BH QuickCollect™ Solutions combines a rich history in retail automation with the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of automated pickup solutions. Scalable and flexible products allow each partner to fulfill their unique program needs today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Headquartered in Durham, N.C., BH QuickCollect™ Solutions operates a 24/7 customer service and technical support center, as well as an advanced remote monitoring and predictive diagnostic center. Our award-winning service organization employs more than 800 highly skilled field technicians across North America to ensure your operation is always running efficiently. For more information, please visit us online and follow us on LinkedIn.

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