Bell and Howell’s Prescription Pickup Solution Integrated with McKesson’s EnterpriseRx®

The QuickCollect Rx™ modernizes prescription pickup and securely pairs with the pharmacy management software used widely across the country.


DURHAM, N.C., February 10th, 2022 – Bell and Howell, a leader in automated e-commerce pickup solutions, is pleased to announce that their innovative pharmacy prescription pickup locker, the QuickCollect Rx™, is now integrated with EnterpriseRx®. EnterpriseRx is used by thousands of pharmacies throughout the country to optimize day-to-day pharmacy operations and improve patient care. This new integration with McKesson’s powerful management software has now completed rigorous assessments and is able to function seamlessly with any pharmacy using EnterpriseRx.

The breakthrough QuickCollect Rx™ pharmacy kiosk is the industry’s first multi-user automated pickup locker. It eliminates customer wait times, allows 24/7 accessibility, and improves pharmacy workflows through simplified prescription validation, storage, and retrieval processes. The solution is highly configurable to adapt into any pharmacy, grocery, or retail location, allowing extended prescription pickup windows or greater access to prescriptions in locations without pharmacies. By integrating with management systems like EnterpriseRx, Bell and Howell has allowed the QuickCollect Rx™ to communicate with the pharmacy securely and accurately for data and ensure that every prescription’s chain of custody is maintained.

James Hermanowski, Vice President of BH QuickCollect™ Solutions for Bell and Howell, sees this exciting EnterpriseRx integration as a launchpad for more pharmacies to continue modernizing their operations with cutting-edge technology. “We know that our QuickCollect Rx™ eliminates long customer wait times while picking up prescriptions, helping with high medication adherence and resulting in better patient outcomes. Now alongside EnterpriseRx, even more pharmacies can experience better results by adopting our solution while the integration maintains prescription and data security, simplifies pharmacy workflows, and adheres to strict industry regulations.”

The QuickCollect Rx™ is the first automated prescription solution aimed towards retail pharmacies. While other solutions have centered towards servicing hospitals and other healthcare locations, Bell and Howell has taken further steps in offering the customizability no other solution can. Pharmacies can control patient pickup workflows, add payment terminals, offer patient consoling, and more. With the QuickCollect Rx™ designed to enhance patient experiences, and the McKesson integration allowing general availability to countless pharmacies, Bell and Howell has positioned the solution for wide adoption through continued pharmacy partnerships.

The QuickCollect Rx™ is backed by Bell and Howell’s worry‐free maintenance program and award‐winning service organization. Learn more about Bell and Howell’s QuickCollect Rx™ or other BH QuickCollect™ Solutions here.

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