Bell and Howell Services Ricoh Infoprint 3900 Printers

Ensuring Ricoh Customers Their Infoprint Printers Can Be Well Maintained

Durham, N.C., June 15, 2015 — With a network of hundreds of experienced service technicians throughout North America, Bell and Howell Services can usually be on-site within two hours to fix a printer, inserter or other electromechanical machinery from various manufacturers. As Ricoh has recently announced it would no longer be supporting the Infoprint 3900 printer, Bell and Howell is reassuring Ricoh customers that it is and will continue to actively service Ricoh Infoprint 3900, 4000 and 4100 models.

Any Ricoh customer who may need service on these systems can contact Bell and Howell by calling 1-800-220-3030 or via an email to Bell and Howell’s trained technicians will be happy to assist customers in keeping these printers running so as to ensure operational efficiency and longevity.

“There is a lot of life left in these printers, and we’re happy to assist anyone who needs service virtually anywhere in North America,” said Jim Feely, Vice President and General Manager of Service Solutions. “Our Services team has the parts, supplies and technical know-how to provide the support needed to help keep these printers up and running.”

To learn more about Bell and Howell, visit, call 1-800-220-3030, or follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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