Packaging Technology to Match Any Package and Any Use Case.

Welcome to a new era in packaging automation. Our award-winning solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Automatically accept input orders and output ready-to-ship packages​
  • Reduce shipping costs by creating right-sized packages for each order​
  • Ensure tamper-resistant sealing with low-impact adhesives
  • Measure weight, print address labels, and track and log every item​
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Eliminate manual tasks, reduce costs, and increase the efficiency of your fulfillment operations with our line of automated packaging solutions.

Carton-Based Packages
  • CARTONWRAP L – our pioneer 3D packaging product for up to 1,000 boxes/hr
  • CARTONWRAP XS – optimized for consumer electronics and fashion accessories
  • CARTONWRAP HL – adds heavy load (e.g. petfood, automotive) capability
  • GENESYS COMBO – streamlines the handling of multi and single line orders
  • NEXUS – next generation automation to streamline inbound, storage, pick and pack
Soft-Sided Packages
  • PAPER-PRO 3D – creates a right-sized paper bag for e-fulfillment
  • BUBBLEWRAPPER – creates a right-sized bubble wrap bag for e-fulfillment
Cartons and Envelopes
  • CARTONWRAP DUO – mix/match boxes and protective envelopes in a single system
3PL and Logistics Companies
System Integrators
3PL and Logistics Companies
System Integrators

Ready to Automate Your Packaging and Shipping Process?

We invite you to reach out to discover how an innovative right-size packaging solution can elevate your operations. Let us help you evaluate your options!

Advanced Packaging Solutions Backed by the Best Service in the Industry

Uncompromising Service

Our solutions extend beyond the initial purchase and set up. Our nationwide technicians and remote servicing options deliver 24/7 support.

Preventative Maintenance

Our specialists closely monitor your equipment via scheduled maintenance plans and take time to understand your equipment setups, challenges, and potential bottlenecks.

Industry Experience

With over 100 years in business, we combine our deep industry expertise with emerging trends to craft our automated packaging solutions.

Top-Tier Automated Packaging Solutions

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Smart Mailer
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