Flexible and Modular Card Attachment

Ideal for medium volume operations, the CASSilo secure card attachment system offers reliability and increased efficiency, even for the smallest batches. Designed to run in a 24/7 environment, the space-saving CASSilo can process more than 3,000 cards per hour and up to eight cards per document.

Product Overview

A New Generation of Secure Card Attachment

Find total reliability in card attachment systems for mid-sized operations with the CASSilo from Otto Künnecke. Designed with footprint in mind, the modular unit is approximately 30 percent smaller than its siblings in the CASS range. It can also process more than 3,000 cards per hour, making it ideal for small batch handling.

The CASSilo can outfit with a variety of modules, including card processing, form feeding and inserting, enabling an end-to-end finishing solution. With the card attachment module, the CASSilo can selectively attach up to eight cards per carrier document. The operator-friendly system encodes cards with unique customer information. Additionally, it allows for carriers to print from Microsoft Word templates, significantly reducing set-up times and offering easy integration into any environment.

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