CASS C8000

Secure Card Affixing Machine

Designed to run in a high-volume, 24/7 environment, the CASS C8000 is ideal for organizations that require flexibility without compromise. The high-speed secure card attachment system can process up to 8,000 cards per hour and up to four cards per document.

Product Overview

Quick, Individual, and Flexible Card Processing

Optimize your secure card attachment operations with the CASS C8000 from Otto Künnecke. The modular system, fully configurable, creates the ideal solution to grow and extend with your evolving needs.

Working at speeds of up to 8,000 cards per hour, the CASS C8000 can meet the demands of both custom and wide-ranging applications for secure card attachment. It can also operate as a single or multiple-channel inserting system without the card channel. The CASS C8000 uses a Windows-based operating system for flexible data input and ease-of-use.

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