Card Inspection Sorting System (CISS)

Automated Secure Card Issuance

Reduce time and costs without sacrificing security. The modular unit automatically verifies, sorts and counts up to 6,000 cards per hour. It can easily upgrade to provide an end-to-end plastic card issuance solution.

Product Overview

Securely Automated Card Issuance

Optimize your production workflow with the Card Inspection and Sorting System (CISS) from Otto Künnecke. The modular, scalable system automates time-consuming and high-security processes. As a result, you can streamline your plastic card issuance operations.

Fully Configurable to Meet Your Plastic Card Needs

The CISS combines the functions of many plastic card machines into a single solution. In the end, you save valuable time, money and space. Following a set of user-defined criteria, the CISS automates the labor-intensive processes of verifying, sorting and counting up to 6,000 cards per hour. Optional modules can also automate the grouping, banding and packaging processes. The CISS works with all common personalization system. It can also integrate with a network connection. This provides a complete audit trail and tracking of each individual card during production.

Partnering for Success

Together, Bell and Howell and Otto Künnecke hold 80+ years of knowledge and experience handling high-security documents that require total perfection in processing. With an extensive service footprint, 40,000+ parts at 40+ stocking locations, and cutting-edge services and support in the industry, we ensure that your operations run smoothly 24/7.

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