Automatic Vault System

Store Sensitive Cards and Documents

Efficiently and securely store sensitive items with the Automatic Vault System (AVS). The automated storage system is scalable to accommodate thousands to more than one million secure cards and documents.

Product Overview

Fully Automatic Vault Protection

Ensure maximum security for your high-value products with the AVS by Otto Künnecke. The 100 percent secure, modular unit automatically stores sensitive documents and cards such as ID cards, passports and credit and bank cards. It stores items under their relevant security regulations, as well. The AVS can also store raw materials, sub-assemblies and finished products for the pharmaceutical, logistics, chemical and automotive markets.

Dimensions and capacity are fully adjustable to store thousands to more than one million items. Drawers can hold up to 550lbs. and spacing, heights and panels can configure easily. The AVS, totally software-controlled, utilizes a SQL database to automatically pick, store and move items. Program based on a variety of parameters such as date, destination and sequence.

Dependability and Service

Bell and Howell and Otto Künnecke bring together 80+ years of knowledge and experience. They handle high-security mail and documents requiring total perfection. An extensive service footprint, 40,000+ parts at 40+ stocking locations, and the best services and support in the industry ensure your operations are never compromised.

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