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SnapPack Cold Glue Systems

Turnkey One-Page Mailer Solutions for Small-to-Large Operations

From low-to-medium volume self-mailers to high-speed solutions, SnapPack Cold Glue Systems help mail operations affordably scale their one-page business. Ideal for environments that process between 21,000 and 50,000 sheets-per-hour.

Product Overview

Dynamic, High-Speed Cold Glue Systems

Bell and Howell’s Snap Pack Cold Glue Systems empower one-page mail operations to expand their operation without sacrificing speeds. Choose from both horizontal and vertical orientations, as well as dot, line or stitch glue patterns. Consolidate the cost and footprint needed to run your single-function mailer operation while increasing production volumes. Our systems are easy to clean, durable and fully-automated. Experience up to 20 pre-programmed fold applications to speed up job set-up. Enjoy fold versatility, such as 1-up and 2-up basic half and letter fold formats to complex C, V and Z fold formats.

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