Rigid Mailer

Folder Inserter Machines for Express and Priority Mailers

Designed to process high-value information within a small production window, the Bell and Howell Rigid Mailer is the perfect automated inserting solution for rigid and bubble mailers. Ensure 100% accuracy and integrity, high processing speeds and optimal workflow efficiency to keep costs down while growing your business’s operations.

Product Overview

Rapid Inserting, Automated Mailer for High-Value Mail

In high-volume express and priority mailing operations, mail piece integrity is paramount. Consolidate and streamline your express and priority mailing operation with our Rigid Mailer. By automating the inserting and verification process, you eliminate manual labor hand stuffing envelopes, as well as human errors.

The Rigid Mailer solution works best for mailers who issue replacement credit cards, in addition to high-value direct mail, small catalogs, and legal documentation. It can effortlessly insert varying-thickness documents and multiple pieces up to 2,600 envelopes per hour while applying shipping labels.

The Rigid Mailer offers a combination of rotary and friction feeders, designed to feed variable thickness envelopes containing cards, carriers and inserts. Link with existing shipping software to simultaneously process multiple shipping carriers.

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