Producer TM Series

Flexible, High-Speed Transactional Mail Inserters

In high-production transactional mail operations, mailpiece integrity is crucial. The Producer Transactional Mail (TM) series of inserters ensure 100 percent mailpiece accuracy, low operating costs and increased flexibility in high-volume production environments.

Product Overview

Transactional Mail Inserter and Feeder

Optimize your production workflow without compromising quality, speed and performance. Designed for demanding 24/7 production environments, the Producer TM transactional mail inserter processes a wide variety of letters and flats with the fewest number of operators.

Improve operational efficiency and productivity with the Producer TM’s true “in-line” inserting approach, reducing complexities as well as rework. With form input channels and feeder style options, configure an ideal solution. So, you can yield the highest possible performance for your transactional mail operation.

The Producer 250 TM effortlessly processes both letters and flats at speeds of 16,000 and 12,000 cycles per hour, respectively, while the Producer 400 TM primarily processes letters at speeds of up to 20,000 pieces per hour. Consolidate and streamline your transactional mail operation with Bell and Howell’s Producer TM Solution.

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