Producer DM Series

High-Speed Folder Inserter Machine

Designed for the most challenging production environments, the Bell and Howell Producer Direct Mail (DM) Series offers enhancements to achieve excellence. The Producer DM Series is Vote-By-Mail capable, and is the perfect solution for operations that demand high production volumes and low operating costs in and out of voting season.

Product Overview

High-Speed Direct Mail Inserting: Where Flexibility Meets Efficiency

Automate the labor-intensive paper handling processes to optimize your production workflow while reducing costs and improving operational efficiency. With the Producer DM high-speed mail inserter, you can process the broadest range of materials with the fewest operators.

Ensure speed, accuracy, and workflow efficiency while processing complex direct mail formats in a true “in-line” inserting approach. Envelopes feed in the same direction as the inserts and input channel, maximizing valuable floor space usage.

The Producer 250 DM effortlessly processes both letters and flats at speeds of 16,000 and 12,000 cycles per hour, respectively, while the Producer 400 DM primarily processes letters at speeds of up to 20,000 pieces per hour. With six different types of feeder options available, the Producer DM inserters can accommodate a wide range of direct mail formats, including buck-slips, booklets, brochures, attached cards, and standard or pre-folded inserts, among others.

Manage High-Volume Vote-By-Mail Demands

For high-volume Vote-By-Mail inserting applications, look no further than the Producer series. The Producer 250 or 400 DM offer inline printing on the ballot return envelope with the perfect combination of speed, efficiency and accuracy. Continue processing in high-volumes well past voting season with the 400 DM for letter size mail, or the 250 DM for letter and flat size pieces.

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