High-Speed Folder Inserter

Transform your envelopes into marketing vehicles at the lowest cost possible. The Inveloper system enables a complete plain paper-to-finished mailpiece process, creating envelopes on-demand with innovative wrapping technology.

Product Overview

Mail Finishing System with High Impact Messaging

Today, consumers drown in communications from too many sources. It’s crucial that your marketing messages drive the highest response rates at the lowest cost per piece.

Bell and Howell’s Inveloper® mail finishing solution optimizes your messaging, increases processing efficiencies and reduces costs. The system creates envelopes from a plain paper roll using a unique wrapping technology. When combined with color print technology, it converts envelopes into cost-effective, high-impact messaging vehicles.

Cutting Costs and Materials

The Inveloper reduces costs by transforming your mailpiece assembly process into a single continuous workflow. This cuts the limits of processing pre-manufactured envelopes as a result. With operating speeds of up to 30,000 mailpieces per hour, a typical “invelope” roll can run for more than an hour before a refill. By using a single paper roll, the Inveloper eliminates the need for envelope boxes and cartons, further cutting material costs and waste.

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