Quantum Series Inkjet Printer

Industrial Inkjet Marking System

The ideal solution for print and mail operations that need a reliable, portable and cost-effective inkjet print system. Quantum Series Industrial Inkjet Printers deliver a broad spectrum of addressing and variable personalization applications that evolve with your unique production needs.

Product Overview

Portable, Precise, Proven Inkjet Technology

Bell and Howell has partnered with Buskro to deliver an industry-leading wide-swath, high-speed industrial inkjet printer systems. The Quantum Print System is a wide-swath, high-resolution piezo-DOD inkjet printer. All of the printer elements are fully integrated inside the body of the printer, offering print and mail operations unprecedented portability, installation flexibility, and serviceability.

Inline and Standalone Industrial Inkjet Printer

Easily integrate Buskro’s Quantum Inkjet Print System into your current print and mail production lines or as a standalone, offline system to enhance the quality and efficiency of your print operation.

TRUEFLOW Ink Technology

TRUEFLOW is the Quantum inkjet printer’s active ink management system. This ensures that the adequate delivery of treated ink is applied for even the most demanding print jobs. By actively pumping, filtering, and degassing the ink inside the print head, the Quantum delivers unprecedented print quality at high production speeds. TRUEFLOW also minimizes page jet outs, operator maintenance, and system downtime.

Compose iQ Print Management Software

From the most basic printing applications to more advanced system integrations, Buskro’s Compose iQ print management software provides all of the powerful system control and data manipulation elements required to meet your current production needs. This robust system also makes it easy to scale your printing efforts for future growth.

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