Benchmark for Innovative Envelope Inserters

Perfect for short to high-length runs, the Forerunner inserters set the benchmark for dependability and low cost per piece. Experience unmatched material flexibility, simple tool-free changeovers and the rapid throughput to meet your schedule.

Product Overview

Automated Envelope Inserter

Bell and Howell’s Forerunner envelope inserter is innovative by design. Easy to operate, our inserters come with the industry’s best enclosure technology. Advanced innovations also make our proven technology even more productive. Forerunner sets the benchmark for dependability and low cost per piece.
It’s hard choosing an envelope inserter that keeps up with changing demands. So, count on the Forerunner inserting system to handle your daily production. Enjoy the flexibility to process spikes in volume, high page count runs and “hot jobs.” Each function in the new Forerunner inserting system comes optimized. Therefore, with this new design, advanced technology increases efficiency. The result: up to a 25% improvement in the inserting area.

Application Versatility

Forerunner inserters cycle up to 13,000 insertions per hour. The Forerunner also runs a wide range of applications. These can integrate with high speed cut-sheet or continuous-form inputs. The high page count folder on Forerunner lets you process low-page to high page sets, which gives a simple balance between cycle speed and high page counts. This means a stronger ROI than machines of equal or higher cycle speeds as a result.

Harmonix: The Next Revolution in Inserting Optimization

Every Forerunner comes equipped with Harmonix software. This ensures that the inserter’s cycle speed synchronizes with inputs. As a result, the machine adjusts its speed for each application, which cuts the need for operator help.
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