Mighty Performance. Smaller Footprint.

The Commander is a multi-format workhorse that automates the envelope insertion process for office environments or small-to-mid sized mail production operations. This is the perfect solution for operations that require efficiency, accuracy and modularity without the costs and footprint associated with higher-end production models.

Product Overview

Lean, Mean Mail Inserter Machine

Bell and Howell’s Commander offers a simplified and reliable approach to automating your envelope inserting operation. This modular and flexible mail inserter is the ideal solution for office environments, small/mid-sized mail production operations. It can also supplement large production environments. The Commander offers easy set-up and quick changeover between jobs, enabling faster order turnaround and improved operational workflows. The multi-format workhorse enables businesses to dynamically process up to 6,000 pieces per hour, with a duty cycle of 750,000 per month.

The Commander excels for those looking to add capacity to their current production line. It can also help augment inserting operation from manual hand-filling. When you can’t justify the investment and footprint of an higher-end model, the Commander takes charge.

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